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Coming out of depression
Paulo Cardoso


This is much more than a simple word that is becoming each day more used in our vocabulary; it is the deep hurting reality of many people that feel themselves like sinking in a ocean of anguish, sadness, anxiety, fear, loneliness and discouragement. 

Maybe you are living this reality right now... Only you and God knows the suffering you are passing through... 

Depression may have different causes and origins; different syntoms - when it is present in a human life - but only the one that once experienced it, or the person that is now living this reality, really knows how it hurts. 

Maybe, you think that nobody around you knows the language of your suffering; maybe, you think that you are really sinking without return, that there is no solution or answers for you....

Maybe, you feel like never again in your life you will be that person that once you were; never again happy, never again will have courage to live, boldness to face life's challenges...

Maybe, even think it is too heavy for you... You feel weak, impotent before your inner conflicts and doubts, trembling, before an almost destroying fear that suddenly became a part of your daily life... 

Maybe, all you have desired for months is to disappear, to flee; maybe, even to die... only to escape from this hurt, this empytness, this anguish, this terrible feeling of despair... 

But believe me, there is a way out, a real solution and answer for you! It is not a magic, but a WAY OF RESTORATION! 

Maybe you are suffering the loss of a loved one, or was deeply hurt by someone you trusted and loved so much, maybe your dreams were frustrated; you are stressed phisically and emotionally, maybe passing through terrible family crisis, or financial losses....

Only you and God knows... 

But remember one thing: You are not alone! 

How can you win this? Is there a way out of this? Thank God, there is! Let's go together to the Holy Bible, God's loving letter to us and find out what we can learn. 

Do you know that the Bible speaks very much about depression? That God speaks to depressed people with great love and tenderness; yes, people that are exactly like you right now? 

First, you need to accept the fact that you are a human being, an as a human being, you are spirit, soul and body. This is what the Bible says about our human nature. We are a complex of spirit, soul and body and we need to be in harmony, first with God, second with ourselves, third with our neighbours.

God created us in His own image to love Him, experience His love, worship Him and to walk in deep fellowship and communion with Him. This is the most important thing in life. Without this experience, everything else in our lives becomes sick and without any balance or harmony... Without His joy, our joy is only for a brief momment... 

You have emotions, feelings; you react to life in a very personal way... You have a body, full of complexities... You are a human being! Don't forget that!

You have dreams, needs, desires, history, feelings... You need to consider all this to really understand a little what is happening to you now. 

You are a human person, and do not condemn yourself for this! 

Second, understand that you will not live this way forever!

You will recover from this! Let hope fill again your heart! There is a God that loves you, that cares about how you are feeling, about your sufferings and living... He really understands the language of your suffering! He loves you! 

He loved you so much, that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to die in your place on that cross (João 3:16). He proved His love toward us, in the fact that Christ died for us when we were yet sinners (Romanos 5:8). We did not love God, He loved us and chose us.

Do you realize this great love God has for you? 

Jesus knows exactly what is to suffer (Isaías 53). He knows what is to feel depression, to be emotionally exhausted, to feel abandoned, betrayed and abused. He knows exactly what you feel! 

Third, choose to let God heal your inner hurts. 

If you need, seek medical help. Do it without guilt or shame! Respect yourself, because God respects you! God wants to restore you.

Jesus died on that cross, so you can have fellowship with God again. Through this communion, you can experience forgiveness, love and real peace. 

If you need to rest, do it. Maybe you need a more balanced nutrition, a medical care, a time to refresh your mind, top learn another way of looking to life.

But surely, you need to experience the unconditional love of God touching your heart! You need to learn to read life with God's perspective. 

Fourth, open yourself to renew your vision of God and of life . 

You need to let the true God be introduced to you, in the person of Jesus Christ. He is God! Read the gospels, and let the person of Jesus becomes real to you!He wants to heal your vision of who God is; about what is a real relationship with Him.

He wants to heal your vision of life. He wants to save you; to be your Conselour, your Lord, Master, and Sheperd. This is relationship; communion, life, intimacy with God. 

Do you have this experience with Jesus? 

Let the Bible, the Word of God, to change your concepts, to teach you how to live and to relate to other people, how to face crisis and life's difficulties,how to deal with your fears, frustrations and insecurities... open your heart to God's touch. He wants to change your life! 

You can learn a way out of depression... Not a magic; not a fantasy, not positive thinking, but a inner renewal that will take you, step by step, out of this problem.

Let God's Word delivers you from the false concepts you believe as truths; from the emotional bondages that bring torment to your soul... 

Do not blame yourself for what you are feeling... Maybe, crying all the time without knowing even why... Do not blame yourself.

Respect yourself, knowing that God loves and take care of you. At the same time, ask His help, His power and grace. 

If you never invited Jesus to enter your heart and to be your Savior and Lord, do it now. It is so simple; like a little child taking his first steps. Jesus said we have to become like a little child to enter His kingdom. 

Ask Jesus, in a simple prayer, to come into your heart, and to take control of your whole being; ask Him to forgive your sins, to reveal His sweet presence and love to you; and trust that He died on the cross so you can have real peace and fellowship with God. 

Then, walk with Him each day. Each day, talk to Him, Let Him know all your dreams, feelings, activities and cares. Praying is talking to God as you do with a friend. Read the Bible. There is no book like this! It's God's letter of love to you! Ask God to help you understand it, and believe He will do it. Begin reading the Psalms and the Gospel of John. 

Are you depressed? 

Depression is a sickness, but there is healing for it.

Search for medical help.

God loves you, and wants to be your Father, to help you and guide you out of this valley. Seek Him, cry before Him, ask His Holy Spirit to come and take away the anguish, the loneliness and the despair. Seek a christian church that demonstrates compassion to people who are suffering and that believes in Jesus as the only way to God and in the Bible as the true and only source of revelation. 

May this word bless your heart! And remember: Don't never give up! Go ahead! Jesus loves you and will take care of you!
Give your heart and all your burdens to Him today!

Paulo Cardoso
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