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Hope for your life
Encontro com a vida

We are here to bring to you a friendly message of hope, encouragement, and faith in the only one that can truly fill your heart with a love that goes beyond all knowledge. 

Many people are struggling to find a true love, peace and real joy. Some are trying to find them in relationships, other in knowledge and other in pleasures. But, they are still empty and alone.

We want to propose to you that through a real and honest relationship with the person of Jesus Christ, it is possible to find this true meaning, purpose and goal to our lives.

This is not a religion, but a real relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ. We have to understand that real Christianity is not a religion - but a day to day relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ. We are not following religious leaders or institutions, but the God who loved so much that manifested Himself in history and time to rescue us and change our lives.

In Him, we can be empowered in our inner man and encouraged through His Word, even when facing the biggest troubles and afflictions.

Can you understand that God is real and that He loves you and He has a wonderful plan to your life?

Maybe you are tired of all that kind of religious talking, but, please, give yourself a chance to know the real thing. Not some kind of human manipulation, but the great love of the One who created and shaped your life for a purpose.

You are not alive by accident. You are someone very special. God has a plan to your life, and this plan is worth living!

No matter how hard life is and how tough is keep on living, never forget: you and I were created with a purpose in mind. We are special and only knowing the One who made us, we can fulfill this plan in life.

God loves you! He cares about you! He did not forget you; you are in His heart! You are so precious to Him.

Maybe, you are depressed, lonely, sad, confused, but remember one thing: you are not alone in this world! There is a God deeply in love for you. Believe it! 

Jesus said:"I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except by me". He also said:" Come to me, all of you that are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest". This is a tremendous promise of God! And it is for you! 

He is not saying that we won't have more problems or griefs in life... Absolutely not! We are still human beings. But, what He is saying is that He will always be with us, even when everybody else has gone away.

Yes, He will be with us; giving us strength, wisdom, courage, peace beyond understanding, direction, and spiritual capacity, as only Him can give. He said that in this world we would have tribulations and afflictions, but that we should have courage, for He has won the world! 

The Bible declares that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord will deliver him from them. Yes, we pass through problems, we cry and we feel all the weakness other people do, but we are never alone... Jesus is with us! 

There is hope! There is confort! There is strength even in the hard times! There is an unconditional love that embraces us when nobody else is near! 

God is real in the times of trouble! He never leaves us nor forsakes us! Never, never forget it! 

So, lift up your eyes to your Creator - the One that loves you so much, that sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross in your own place, raised Him from the dead and made Him seat at His right hand in heaven.

Open right now, your heart to a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is not a mystical experience, but an experience of sincere faith. Christ wants to forgive you, change your inner man, give to you a new sight of life and open to you a real possibility of a true relationship with God. God is not distant of you.

He is by your side, only waiting your response of faith to His calling. Would you like to be free from this guilt that is destroying you inside? Would you like to make sure you are ready to face eternity? Would you like to know God and have a real relationship with Him? Would you like to know the love of God and to put your life in His loving and wise hands? 

Then you need to invite Jesus Christ to enter in your life. Do it right now through sincere prayer. Prayer is talk to God. Talk to Him as you do with an intimate friend. He wants to hear from you right now. Will you do it? 

Paulo Cardoso
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